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      This is me- mother, wife, ex-festival producer; collector of sequins & knitwear; devotee of Agatha Christie; amateur potter; naked protester (ask me another time) and now (with more than a little help from my family & friends), online shopkeeper.

      Great & Good offers a curated collection of sustainable, design-led children’s clothing & toys- all made in Britain. We also stock wonderful British-sourced vintage. 

      The collection epitomises the best of modern Britain, incorporating pieces from both the ’new school’ of forward-thinking British kids designers alongside vintage treasures. We bring you cutting edge design, world class quality and a healthy dose of fun, humour and eccentricity. By buying from Great & Good, you are supporting the British economy from root to branch.

      We only work with brands who manufacture under the highest ethical production standards and support companies at the forefront of the revival in British manufacturing. We are about slow fashion, minimising wastage and maximising satisfaction for both producers and customers. 

      I created Great & Good as the solution to a problem that I was facing. I had realised that buying local was the most sustainable and ethical way to shop for most things (not just food!) and was surprised by the fact that many of my favourite 'conscious' brands were actually outsourcing their production halfway around the world.  At the same time I was becoming increasingly keen to spend my money close to home in order to support the British economy and do my bit to sustain and create jobs.

      I came to realise that there were so many beautiful, ethical and high-quality British made products available, they were just very hard to find..... and so Great and Good was born.

      We are not in this to make a profit at the expense of other people's health or sanity and will be making sure throughout this journey, that we are truly socially responsible. We will be seeking ways in which we can further support the people we work with and give back to society. We aim to be transparent and actively seek feedback and suggestions from our customers.

      We are hoping to launch our own range of clothing in the near future and will be offering this at heavily discounted rates to people receiving Universal Credit and other benefits. Buying responsibly should be a realistic possibility for all.

      Great & Good is about supporting fabulous brands who are dedicated to domestic production and sustainability. Our ambition is huge- in the future we want to support at-home production for companies who currently find it unviable to manufacture in Britain. We also hope to work with existing British made womens' and menswear brands to produce ranges for children.

      If anyone reading this wants to collaborate or offer feedback- please do get in touch. Our ears and hearts are open.

      Most of all, we hope Great & Good makes it easier to find wonderful British products for the little people in your life.